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in earthbag dome 2.

specifications: 20 interior dome = 314. ft. dia. dia – 16 ‘interior. ft. = 201 44 sq. ft. bath, 223 sq. ft. the loft space, the second dome and loft and closet for n = 1164. ft.: 23%, and 42 buttresses

description: this plan is the two bedroom version of enviro dome. it is the same sac michael kors pattern except there is a second bedroom dome and closet added on the right.

a co sac michael kors mpact but highly livable environment, the dome 2 has everything you need. the three secret 371 sq. ft. extra space for sleeping, home office, living room and storage. additional storage options include space inside, benches, a cedar chest at the foot of the bed, and sac michael kors , north of the bed. a larger lower dome behind the master bedroom should be a walk in closet, larger bath and laundry. the domes are in perfect for the beginner must yourselfer who wants to build an eco friendly home at the lowest possible cost.

in earthbag dome 2 (click to enlarge)

on may 27, 2011 at 10: 17 pm, lauren

would it be possible to have the center dome go down into the ground for a basement with the same size and. i live in missouri and moisture in basements is a problem. i was thinking about the lower level being constructed of rammed earth tires and using earthbags for the above ground dome. also, removing the loft in the main dome to allow it to be completely open with skylights for the living area and kitchen.

do you think this would be possible. if the fire is better at supporting the weight of the above ground or earth bag dome. should the basement walls have a very slight convex curve of the outer earth for better structural integrity or could (should) they be straight?

on may 27, 2011 at 11 pm, owen’s:

basements are not recommended where there are water problems. so no, building below grade in your area is not recommended.

tires are not needed. the much slower to work with and create wider walls that match the thickness of earthbags gift.

you can remove the loft, but you lose some strength. the house also serves as scaffolding in your building.

follow one of the standard methods to determine the gold dome building curvature. (ex): follow a string line pulled from the appropriate distance.

do you think it right for the climate in maine, united states.

is it too difficult for a new builder? for example, should a new builder first build the house for experience first. it can hurt to have an extra building lol, i could give it to a family member when outgrow it.

i like to add the systems like has this, like rain catchment, water management (gray and black are sepa sac michael kors rated, composting toilet, passive solar heat, solar water heater, and all that stuff.  »